Industries Served


More drilling and well servicing contractors are discovering the immense cost-saving possibilities in powering their drilling operations with rental generators. We offer a variety of options available to meet the toughest needs of the oil and gas industry in locations beyond the reach of utilities. In many cases, our mobile power solutions are a cheaper alternative to expensive infrastructure build outs, even over the long-run.

Construction, Manufacturing & Mining

Basin Power Solutions has been providing personalized rental equipment to the construction market since our founding. Our specialty equipment and technical expertise keeps your commercial and industrial operations running at peak performance. Trust us to power your business with reliable power and onsite support solutions to conquer the harshest environments.

Disaster Relief & Events

Basin Power Solutions ensures the safety and comfort of your business or organization in the event of a natural disaster or another emergency. Our fast response team guarantees that your temporary power needs will be met when critical power is lost from the main source. We’re ready to deploy and transport equipment at a moment’s notice, and our knowledgeable team can stabilize any emergency situation to get your systems up and running.